5 Simple Ways Artists Can Dominate Google Rankings

As an artist one of the most important parts about making it into a career or way of generating additional income is through sales.  For the longest time art galleries and art walks have been the main source for an artist to display and offer his or her work for sale.  Personal websites and Facebook pages now offer a more effective way to create sales if you do the upfront work correctly and can remove the need to rely on art galleries which can sometimes cost money or split the revenues with the artist.

Our friends at Searchbounce, the search engine optimization experts in Richmond, San Antonio and Baton Rouge, have provided their Google ranking expertise on how artists can create a strong online presence and promote their work through search engine optimization.

  1. The Best Keyword Is Your Name

If you’re on social media, have done art shows and have gained some name recognition then you probably already have an audience that’s searching on Google for your work.  The best way to capitalize on this is to create a webpage that is www.yourname.com because that’s the easiest way to rank your name while making it simple for anyone that might be looking for your work online.

  1. Businesses optimize websites; Artists optimize images

A piece of artwork that gets sold online usually started with someone searching the name of an artist or the style of art they’re interested in. A successful online artist will be one that has a few pieces showing up for a local city search. This is done by making sure each art piece has the proper title and meta description which is what search engines use to figure out what the image should rank for.

The easiest way to accomplish this is by saving each of your filenames by “Art piece description – Artist Name” then making the alternative text a natural keyword that pertains to the art piece.  Here is what it will look like:


<img title=”image title” alt=”alternative text” src=”http://www.yourwebsite.com/image-file-name.png” width=”300″ height=”300″ />

  1. Social Media Master

Not only is social media a platform where your art can be shared more easily but using the trust of sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+ will greatly benefit your personal website once a link is posted. According to Searchbounce (http://www.aboutus.com/searchbounce) the key with social media is making sure you’re active and the sites are just ghost pages with infrequent updates. It’s about getting an active and engaged following.  Remember to apply bullet point #2 to any uploaded images.

  1. YouTube

Video sharing is by far the easiest way to get a lot of information across in an interactive and easily digestible way. Video is hands-down the way to go when looking for a way to get higher conversion and turning visitors into customers. The other benefit of YouTube videos and your own channel is that it proves additional links that will help power your homepage to improve ranking.

  1. Amazon & Ebay

Using places that customers are already going to buy products is sometimes the only thing you need to sell.  Keep in mind that when using Ebay and especially Amazon your customer reviews are vital in the beginning. Things like shipping as quickly as the orders come in, offering money-back guarantees and free shipping are par for the course so keep that in mind when determining a price.


Those are the 5 things local artists can do to boast business in a relatively short time.  For more information about search engine ranking follow the link to find the list of internet marketing services Searchbounce provides and why they have been awarded “The Best Advertising Agency” in Baton Rouge, San Antonio and Richmond in 2015.

Nations Best First Fridays & Local Art Walks

Art Walks are a great celebration of local art and the surrounding community every month throughout the United States.  These events are peoples chance to discover the hidden trends and surrounding city vibes especially if you’re a newcomer looking to integrate yourself into a new city.

There are many famous art walks throughout the country and some others that aren’t as well-known but are quickly generating national attention because of the quality of work and community grassroots events that get created. Here’s a few of the more prominent art walks and ones that are on their way up, so if you happen to find yourself with nothing to do on the first Friday of the month go hit up these great First Fridays.

  1. Los Angeles Art Walk

With LA being the center of world entertainment there’s almost no doubt that it’s art walk will be one of the nation’s best.   The cool part is it isn’t uncommon to spot a celebrity checking out some of the art too! There is a mix of very exclusive art showings all the way down to the local open to the public art. For the cost of a cab ride you can get a cost effective night out in one of the most glamorous cities.

  1. Richmond First Fridays

Richmond unbeknownst to most outside of Virginia is an art hub and has been going through a creative resurgence the last 10 years.  Most of this is because Virginia Common Wealth, VCU is rated the #1 art school in the nation and brings in young creative students throughout the US and lets them spread their talents all over the city, literally.  Driving through Richmond you’ll see block after block of beautiful almost Banksy style art on the sides of old buildings. Combine that with the Downtown Richmond monthly art walk with the galleries and restaurants you get a great mix of local eats with some of the world’s up-and-coming artists all in one unlikely place. Richmond has definitely undergone a transformation from one of the Souths most historic cities, once the capital of the Confederacy, to a hipsters paradise full of local restaurants and color.

  1. San Antonio First Friday

SATX locals describe First Fridays as one of the cities best local events where studios, galleries and restaurant put on an impressive job of planning and hosting. Downtime San Antonio is home to many artists which live in close proximity to one another in historic neighborhoods that give First Fridays a different but very welcoming feel. This is because rather than walking into an art gallery more than likely you’ll be walking into someone’s house which has been converted for one night into an art show room. You get to see what gives them inspiration and artists in their home which gives the art a lot of depth knowing where it comes from.

  1. Baton Rouge Art Movement

Baton Rouge has gone out and created something even bigger than an art walk, it has turned into a full blown art movement.  Almost every weekend there is a community event that looks to involve the youth and highlight the importance of creativity at a young age. Also on the weekends is The Arts Market which gives an opportunity for local artists to promote their work and make a living off of their craft while providing a great event within the community that gets everyone out in the morning. What the city of Baton Rouge has done is planted a seed which has grown out into many different platforms where local art can be shared and bringing it to the youngest groups to make sure kids are getting a chance to express their own creativity.

  1. New York Art Walk

New York, the city that runs on coffee and is up late into the night is not just a contemporary art mecca but has rising creative movements happening, reinventing itself constantly. It’s one of the only places in the world where you’ll pass through multiple cultural and artistic scenes all in just a 5 min train ride, sometimes without even realizing it. The unique architecture, fashion, rooftop nightlife, Broadway entertainment are usually where people go for their night out however getting in touch with the less flashy art walk can be just as great and will open your eyes to different cultures that are stirring in the NYC underground that gets a spotlight once every month. Definitely something to check out.